About Us


Korean Rooftop is run by an Australian family – Emma, Jarrod and their son Sebastian.

They have a passion both for the culture and landscapes of Korea and for family friendly adventures and make short films and stories about slow travel, cycling, culture and adventures in South Korea.

Their latest project is Jeju: A Bicycle Adventure a short film about riding around the island and the beautiful landscapes and people of Jeju Island we met.  The film was screened at the 2015 Seoul Indie and Expat Film Festival and the 2014 International Bicycle Film Festival in Berlin.


Runs her own web design, marketing and event management business for Retro Events & Marketing.


Studied fine art and education and is an art teacher and photographer.

Jarrod & Emma both spent 8 years teaching English in South Korean universities. They love storytelling through writing, photography and film and were regular contributors to The Epoch Times International and NTD Television World News  for 7 years.


Speaks Korean better than both of them, so he does the vast majority of the translation for their films, especially when cycle touring. When he’s not translating he enjoys learning computer programming, making a Minecraft server, ju jitsu and reading.

They all practice an ancient Chinese meditation and spiritual practice called Falun Dafa.  Falun Dafa is taught for free and it helps keep them to stay relaxed, happy and healthy living in the fast-paced city of Seoul and now in Australia.

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