Jeju: A Bicycle Adventure in South Korea – Official Film Launch Date Announced!

In the summer of 2013, we rode our bicycles around Jeju island loaded up with cameras and tripods, determined to make a film about the journey and about the people we met. Initially we thought we’d be finished editing in about 3 months… it’s now been 2 years and we’re excited to finally announce the launch of our short film Jeju: A Bicycle Adventure in South Korea – on Tuesday 12th May 12pm midday (Korean Time).

“Stunning photography and insight into the Island of Jeju…it’s people and it’s nature are beautiful, this is a must see.”
Kathryn Shakespeare, Director, “Killed to Order”

Whether you’re interested in Korean culture, cycling, travelling with kids, slow travel or exploring Jeju yourself we’re sure you’ll love it. We’ve tried to make the film less about ourselves and more about the beautiful places and the fascinating people we met – during the course of the film we encounter enormous lava tunnels, a reclusive poet, motorcycle campers, mineral water swimming holes, a Japanese Butoh dancer, a nomadic barrista and so much more.  To purchase the film click on buy now!