Around Jeju Island by Bike in 90 Seconds

In the summer of 2013, we went around Jeju Island by bike for 2 weeks with our 10-year-old son. It was windy, hot and absolutely fantastic. Jeju Island is a part of South Korea and is an undiscovered gem for cycle touring, especially if you have kids – there is a network of quality bike-paths circumnavigating the entire island as well as a plethora of great beaches, waterfalls, striking landscapes, orange groves, friendly locals, cheesy tourist museums and a volcano.

Some travel guides say Jeju Island has flat coastline roads, but our experience is the terrain is quite hilly at times.  When you combine that with headwind and summer’s heat and humidity it can be quite tough cycling.    Many people speed around Jeju Island in a few days, but if you want to experience more of Jeju-do and its people, take your time and explore.  We ran into a Jeju Island tour guide who had some great advice on seeing the best parts of the island.

Jeju Island a beautiful island with plenty of unexpected twists and turns or alternative routes.  We’ve ridden around the island 3 times and each time the journey has gotten longer not shorter, and it keeps getting better.  Our last trip we took 2 weeks, so we could explore more of Jeju-do and chat to the locals – it will really enrich your experience.

This film is a compilation of the ride-through shots of us riding around Jeju Island we took each day. We made a film about the whole adventure, featuring interviews with the colourful people we met on our journey.

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Music: “Lonesome Lover” by Dion Hall