Asian Premiere of “Jeju: A Bicycle Adventure” at the Korean Indie & Expat Film Festival

Jo Sungwon - a poet who lives on Jeju Island
Jo Sungwon is a poet who left a high-pressure career behind in Seoul for a quiet and simple life on Jeju Island. He features in “Jeju: A Bicycle Adventure” and is one of the many creative and free-spirited people we interviewed for the film.

We’re excited to announce that our film Jeju: A Bicycle Adventure will be showing as part of the Korean Indie and Expat Film Festival running in Seoul this month.

Our film will screen at 6:15pm on Saturday June 20 with four other films as part of the Expat Shorts 2: International Documentaries block at the Camarata Music Company, Haebangchon, (near Itaewon).   To get there, take the subway to Noksapyeong Station on line 6 and leave through exit 2, then walk for around 10 minutes till you get there.   For the small cover charge of $5 you get to see our film and three others as well… and we’ll be there too so you have the chance to come and say hello! Bargain!

The Korean Indie and Expat Film Festival kicks off on Thursday night with plenty of partying and excellent English language films to watch.   For more information including what, where and when films are showing, as well as the various related parties that are happening around Seoul take a look over here at the festival website.   If you can’t make it though, you can still download our film from here.