Cycling from Seoul to Busan

In summer 2015, our family traveled the length of South Korea, cycling from Seoul to Busan. We rode for about 2 weeks and in many ways it was a truly incredible journey. We saw magnificent scenery, met great people and ate fantastic food. Seb, our son, wrote about his experience of the ride here.

There were a lot more hills and mountains than we expected, but they gave some awesome downhill rides.  One of the mountains was an all day climb and a half hour speedy downhill descent.  We camped and stayed in motels along the way.
The dedicated bike path from Seoul to Busan was surprisingly beautiful once you got out of Seoul. The scenery became a little less nice as we approached Busan so it was a bit of an anticlimax, but we made it to Busan’s famous Haeundae Beach and played in the waves – too cool and windy for a swim!

We’re currently working on a short film about our ride – a kind of short travel documentary similar to our first film Jeju: A bicycle Adventure. In a similar vein to our first film, we’ve focused on the people we meet along the way – some of the highlights were a young family running a guesthouse for cyclists; university students on a “coming of age” bike-trip across their own country; an adventurous Brit; and a couple of kindly emergency service workers who took us under their wing.

Featuring music performed by my brother, Dion Hall.

You can read more about our various bike trips around South Korea here.  Don’t forget to subscribe to this blog or to our facebook page for more videos, photos and information about adventure and travel in Korea!



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