Jeju Island – A Slow Travel Adventure Guidebook $12

Jeju Island – A Slow Travel Adventure Guidebook has everything you need to explore one of the most unusual and exciting destinations in Asia.

The authors, Jarrod and Emma, have explored Jeju Island by bus & taxi and on foot as well as having biked around the island 4 times with their son, Seb (he was only 7 years old the first time). We’ve explored the back-lanes, eaten the local food, camped and stayed in every type of accommodation imaginable on the island.



It’s 37 pages are packed with information on –

  • Exploring the island by foot or bicycle

  • Tips on how to save money with hotels and travel

  • Hiring bicycles and scooters

  • Traveling there by ferry

  • Finding local accommodation and home-stays

  • Navigating public transport like a boss

  • Camping

  • Phrases in Korean that WILL actually be useful

  • Not-so-well-known places to visit that will blow your mind



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For added value check out the Jeju Island eBook & Film pack for $15.