Gone Cycling

A bike-tour rest stop in South Korea.
My Dahon takes a break in the countryside south of Daejeon last summer.

I have to apologize for things being a bit quiet on this blog lately. It’s been hectic here at Korean Rooftop HQ – we’ve been preparing an eBook about travelling by bicycle on Jeju Island; we attended the South Korean premiere of our film Jeju: A Bicycle Adventure at the Korea Indy and Expat Film Festival; and we’ve been preparing for our next trip – a two week tour across South Korea from Seoul to Busan (in the south-east)… or maybe to Mokpo (in the south-west) we haven’t quite decided yet. We’ll be away for around two weeks and we wont be able to post anything until we get back but if you’re interested in following our travelling antics, you can follow us on Facebook – we’ll try to post photos and updates regularly there. Thanks for reading and have a great summer!