Jeju: A Bicycle Adventure – FREE Movie Preview

Spring has sprung in Korea, and to celebrate we’re giving away a free movie! Okay well, five minutes of free movie. We’ve posted the first 5 minutes of our film Jeju: A Bicycle Adventure on YouTube so you can watch it for zilch, zero, nudda, nothing!

If you like it, you can watch the rest of it online for a couple of dollars (that’s peanuts!) or if you REALLY like it you can purchase the high-res download so you can stick it on your big-screen TV and soak in the adventure in full 1920 x 1080 pixel awesomeness.

If the film tickles your fancy and you think you’d like to visit Jeju Island yourself, help is on the way! We have just made a Jeju Island eBook to make your trip there much easier. As well, we have some great tips for travelers in the Jeju Island section of our blog including the best places to visit, some of the island’s best cafes and some of the accommodation we’ve loved staying at on our journeys. You might also like to check out some of the other highlights from our film including the time we met a Japanese butoh dancer or when Hyundu Kim, South Korea’s most famous nomadic barista made us a coffee.

Let us know what you think of the film in the comments!


  1. Nice and attractive film.
    I will have a bicycle trip to Jeju island in the coming early of May from Hong Kong. Would you share your bicycle trip route to me? Also, is there any GPS download is free for me to get the correct route from point to point?
    Thank you!

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