Jeju: A Bicycle Adventure in South Korea – Official Trailer


“Stunning photography and insight into the Island of Jeju…it’s people and it’s nature are beautiful, this is a must see.”

Kathryn Shakespeare, Director, “Killed to Order”

Directed by Jarrod Hall and Emma Hall
Produced by Emma Hall
Photography, Editing and Sound by Jarrod Hall
Music by Dion Hall and Kevin MacLeod-
Translation by Migyoung Kim/김미경 and Sebastian Hall

In a two week, 300km journey an adventurous family circumnavigates Jeju Island in South Korea by bicycle.   They discover beautiful forests, incredible coastal landscapes, remarkable characters and strike up friendships with locals and travelers alike.

They meet a Japanese dancer, an old man by the sea, an eccentric poet, a coffee truck nomad and many more.

Jeju: A Bicycle Adventure was featured at the 2014 International Cycling Film Festival in Germany and the Korean Indie and Expat Film Festival in 2015.  The 24 minute travel documentary film was filmed by the family while making their 3rd bicycle trip around Jeju Island.