Minnie and Mickey Mouse Arrive in Korea—Naturally, They Visit Namsan Tower

As part of Minnie and Mickey Mouse “Disney Shorts,” where they have various adventures, the couple have now arrived in South Korea.

Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse visit Namsan Tower, the most famous landmark in Seoul.

Namsan Tower is known as the best date place, where couples take a lock to symbolize their eternal love and fasten it to the fence that surrounds the tower.  Then they throw away the key, to show their dedication! For Mickey and Minnie, things go a bit haywire, as you can see in their video.

Unless you can speak some basic Korean,  you won’t be able to understand what they say—and the captioning is no help: Turn on Captions, get “[speaking in Korean.]”  Hmm.

Youtube: Mickey Mouse

Luckily, Gina Won kindly commented with most of Micky and Minnie’s conversational exchange in Korean:

0:11 – “Look over there!”

0:32 – “Tada!”

0:37 – “I love you!” (informal)

0:40 – “I love you!” (formal)

0:42 – “I love you!” (very formal/traditional)

1:01 – “Sorry!”

1:06 – “Are you ok?”

1:14 – “Sorry!”

1:22 – “Aigo” is kind of like “oh my!” Koreans use it to express frustration.

1:25 – “Omo” = “oh my”

3:09 – “Hwaiting!!” or “Fighting!!” (used for encouragement)

The pair are pretty cute and if you like Disney cartoons and Korea this is a pretty exciting combination.

Having lived next to Namsan Park for 2 years, seeing the place we know so well through the lens of a Disney cartoon is really fascinating! Share if you like the video.