Han River Cycling in Korea

5 Reasons to Go Cycle Touring in South Korea

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7 years of living and bicycle touring in South Korea has us convinced this is a world-class bike touring destination. When you think of a cycling holiday perhaps rural France springs to mind? The Netherlands? Vietnam? They’re old hat… South Korea is the world’s best kept secret when it comes to cycling holidays. We’ve been on a few long distance …

Jeju a bicycle adventure

Jeju: A Bicycle Adventure – Film

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In a two week, 300km journey an adventurous family circumnavigates Jeju Island in South Korea by bicycle. They discover beautiful forests, incredible coastal landscapes, remarkable characters and strike up friendships with locals and travelers alike. “This is such a beautiful short film about slow travel around Jeju Island, Korea. Stunning cinematography and great storytelling through the words of Koreans living …


Ultralight Film Gear for Cycle Touring and Backpacking

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When you’re travelling light and making a short film, it can be really hard to know what film gear to bring Ultralight film gear when you’re backpacking or cycle touring is a must, but can be difficult to narrow down when packing. All photographers have a fear of finding themselves with an amazing shot and not having the right film …

A cheap hotel is called a "yogwan"

Our 5 Worst Hotel Experiences in South Korea

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Korean accommodation can be great; it’s often quirky, unusual, fun and can be insanely good value for money. For the unsuspecting foreign visitor it can also be… interesting. Korean hotels come in many different varieties and prices from a moldy $15 per night shipping container style room with no bed, to a $400+ per night luxury resort with pool and …

A bike-tour rest stop in South Korea.

Gone Cycling

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My Dahon takes a break in the countryside south of Daejeon last summer. I have to apologize for things being a bit quiet on this blog lately. It’s been hectic here at Korean Rooftop HQ – we’ve been preparing an eBook about travelling by bicycle on Jeju Island; we attended the South Korean premiere of our film Jeju: A Bicycle …

Jo Sungwon - a poet who lives on Jeju Island

Asian Premiere of “Jeju: A Bicycle Adventure” at the Korean Indie & Expat Film Festival

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Jo Sungwon is a poet who left a high-pressure career behind in Seoul for a quiet and simple life on Jeju Island. He features in “Jeju: A Bicycle Adventure” and is one of the many creative and free-spirited people we interviewed for the film. We’re excited to announce that our film Jeju: A Bicycle Adventure will be showing as part …