Hyundu Kim’s Pink Coffee Truck

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We stumbled across Hyundu Kim in his little pink truck selling coffee somewhere on the North-east coast of Jeju. He customized the inside of his truck himself to operate as a portable coffee shop… his truck is his passport to wander all over South Korea, wherever and whenever he likes. Brilliant! He also brews an excellent cup of coffee. This …

Seb on Pyoseon Beach

Beautiful Routes for Cycling around Jeju Island

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Cycling around Jeju Island is really popular here in South Korea, and it’s a great way to spend your summer. There are so many things to see and do – you can enjoy great beaches, excellent Korean food and amazing volcanic landscapes all the way. Hardcore athletes can do the whole trip in a single day, while those who prefer …

Ad for Jeju a Bicycle Adventure

Jeju: A Bicycle Adventure in South Korea is Officially Launched!

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After 2 years in the editing room, we are finally releasing our film – Jeju: A Bicycle Adventure in South Korea – today! In a two week odyssey, an adventurous family circumnavigates Jeju Island in South Korea, by bicycle. They discover unique volcanic landscapes and remarkable characters; and form friendships with locals and travelers alike. Along the way they meet …