Jo Sungwon - a poet who lives on Jeju Island

Jeju Island Poet: Read it, Feel it, Someday

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During our 2 week trip around Jeju Island by bicycle we stayed in the sleepy town of Gosanri on the western side of South Korea’s Jeju Island.   We heard about  a Jeju Island poet, Jo Sungwon, in a local cafe. Jo had escaped from a high-pressure engineering job in Seoul and was living a simple, hermitic existence in a …

Young girl on a tourboat on the Imjingak

Visiting the Korean DMZ in Winter

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  Driving along the Han River from Seoul toward the Korean DMZ (Demilitarized Zone) , it’s difficult not to notice riverbanks lined with razor-wire fences and military watchtowers. Despite being a thriving hub of capitalism and democracy in Asia, Seoul is less than 40km from North Korea. For several weeks, I’ve made regular trips up to the DMZ with a …

Around Jeju Island in 90 Seconds

Around Jeju Island by Bike in 90 Seconds

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In the summer of 2013, we went around Jeju Island by bike for 2 weeks with our 10-year-old son. It was windy, hot and absolutely fantastic. Jeju Island is a part of South Korea and is an undiscovered gem for cycle touring, especially if you have kids – there is a network of quality bike-paths circumnavigating the entire island as …

A small island on the way to Jeju Island by ferry

Traveling to Jeju Island by Ferry & Embracing Slow Travel

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South Korea’s Jeju Island, or Jejudo, is popular with Korean and overseas tourists for its beautiful beaches and clean natural environment.  It’s so popular the flight from Seoul to Jejudo is the busiest in the world, with 10 million passengers every year.    The other alternative besides by plane is to go by ferry.  The ferry is only slightly cheaper than …

A tour boat on the Imjin River

DMZ Tour Boat on the Imjin River

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The Imjin River flows out of North Korea along the DMZ and into South Korea, joining the Han River near Seoul. This section has only been open to the public for around ten years. I took this photograph last week, while visiting well-known sites around the DMZ with a film crew from NTD Television. They’re making a travel documentary and …