Selfies Are Ruining Your Life

Young couple taking a selfie in Seoul

Go to any tourist hot-spot in Korea and you will find people taking selfies. Lots of selfies. I find it hard to imagine there’s a country that takes more.

According to, a new survey has found that people are so obsessed with taking pictures for social media these days that they are ruining their own lives. To briefly sum the article up, social media causes people to:

– be rude

– miss enjoying the moment while on vacation

– lose quality time with their kids

– distracts them when they are should be making love and…

– makes them do dangerous things

Wow. Sounds like the new Rock & Roll. Or Dungeons & Dragons.

While I’m no great fan of taking selfies myself or even of looking at other people’s, I find it hard to believe that selfies and social media caused these problems. I mean, were your friends more polite before Facebook? Do you really spend less time with your kids now because you’re always on Twitter?

Here’s a quote from one survey respondent that really made me laugh.

“I disciplined my son and he threw a tantrum that I thought was so funny that I disciplined him again just so I could video it,” says one respondent. “After uploading it on Instagram I thought, ‘What did I just do?’”

Oh well, if your Instagram followers don’t like it, you can always send it to America’s Funniest Home Videos…