Portrait: Steve Nicol, Artist


Steve Nicol is a British artist with a passion for Asian landscapes and the human figure. He currently lives and works in Seoul. We met up with Steve recently at a small exhibition he was holding in Haebangchon where he exhibited large oil paintings of Korea and a handful of other Asian countries as well as life-drawings in a range of mediums.

Steve studied painting and drawing at Birmingham College of Art & his first one-man show was in Khartoum, Sudan in 1978. He’s been traveling and painting ever since.

“Foreign countries have always inspired me and most of my paintings are of Thailand, Cambodia, Malaysia, Mexico, Europe and the Middle East. I often work directly from life usually watercolours and drawings done on location. I aim for a high standard of drawing and believe, like Leonardo, that “working from life is worshipping at the fountain of creation.””
You can find more artwork by Steve on his flickr page.

Photography by Jarrod Hall