Emma Doddrell Hall

Manager, Writer, Filmmaker

Emma is the brains behind the braun - sorry - artist. She is the creative and the driving force behind Korean Rooftop. She is bossy at times, but mostly rather sweet. She also writes stories and short films and works on Korean Rooftop's social media and web design. When Jarrod told his grandmother he was engaged to Emma she looked perplexed, then noticed Emma's lovely legs and realized the reason for his choice. "Of course! She has lovely legs." Emma has studied and worked in the field of performing arts, writing and stage management. She loves storytelling through writing and film and was a regular contributor for NTD Television World News for 7 years including the roles of Chief Editor for World News, Melbourne/Seoul correspondent. Emma has also worked in stage and event management for various shows, festivals and events and more recently for Retro Events & Marketing. Hey, she has lovely legs so what can't she do?

Jarrod Hall

Artist, Writer, Filmmaker

An artist at heart, Jarrod is the "creative" for Korean Rooftop. Jarrod is our multi-talented artistic genius who photographs, films, paints, cycles, video edits, designs logos and writes interesting and engaging stories. Being slightly better at Maths than Emma or Seb, he also gains the dubious title of accountant. *copious applause* He studied Fine Art at the VCA and after turning down multiple offers from art galleries to exhibit his work, he became a High School Art and Photography teacher. As thrilling as suburban life in Melbourne was, he and Emma decided it was time to share their teaching talents with the rest of the world and moved to South Korea. There, Jarrod developed his photography and film making skills by contributing to the Epoch Times and NTD Television's World News program until Jarrod and Emma finally created their own website Korean Rooftop.

Seb Hall

Writer, Web Editor, Translator

13 year old kid at large, watch out! He may shoot you with a Nerf gun, pin you down in a jujitsu wrestle or almost bowl you over on his scooter. But Seb is also a sweetie who is fluent in Korean and knows a thing or two about computer programming. He is our in-house translator and helps programming for the Korean Rooftop website. What a kid!