The Beautiful Craft of Korean Hanji Paper-Making in Jeonju, South Korea

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For over a thousand years, the small city of Jeonju has been the heart of South Korea’s traditional arts. Korean paper, called hanji, is one of the art forms that are still made here today. Kang Kapseok, now a hanji craftsman, first saw the hanji-making process while visiting nearby mountains. “When I was young, I went there (in the mountains) …

Minnie and Mickey Mouse Arrive in Korea—Naturally, They Visit Namsan Tower

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As part of Minnie and Mickey Mouse “Disney Shorts,” where they have various adventures, the couple have now arrived in South Korea. Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse visit Namsan Tower, the most famous landmark in Seoul. Namsan Tower is known as the best date place, where couples take a lock to symbolize their eternal love and fasten it to the …


$1 Concerts at Changgyeonggung Palace, Seoul

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Changgyeonggung Palace Open Nights A friend and I discovered a sign for concerts at Changgyeonggung Palace while exploring the palace gardens.  When we found the cost was only W1,000 and it was gugak music (Korean traditional music) we vowed to go the following week. The evening concerts are part of “Special Open Nights” at Changgyeongung Palace, located near Hyehwa in …

The Curious Oedo Island

The Curious & Beautiful Oedo Botania Island

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Oedo Botania Island is something you can’t experience anywhere else – an intricate fusion of European and Korean styles in a semi tropical island. Strolling along the manicured gardens with strange curly topiary and bright gaudy flowers I couldn’t help have a smile of delight on my face.  It’s fanciful, bold and imaginative; not a European style garden at all, …